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Great lakes buddhist Vihara

Location: 21491 Beech Road, Southfield, Michigan 48033

Accommodation: self arranged



Upcoming Retreat

No date scheduled for the next retreat at this point. Please revisit this site often to learn about the next meditation retreat. 


Most Recent Retreat

2-Day Metta Retreat on Sept 29th & 30th 

Mettā refers to loving kindness, and Brahmavihāra refers to the “Four Sublime Abodes” which includes loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity).

Please note that this is a totally silent retreat. We expect you to maintain noble silence, and to respect others who are also practicing noble silence during the course of this entire retreat. Those who do not cooperate will be asked to leave the meditation area.

Some wisdom from the Buddha: Those disciples of Gotama ever awaken happily whose minds by day and night delight in the practice of meditation. Dhammapada 301.

We sincerely hope that you can join this excellent opportunity to improve your practice!

About US

Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara (GLBV)
Monastery for Inner Peace and Meditation

The Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara (GLBV) has a 20 year history of teaching Theravada Buddhism in the great lakes region. It is committed to disseminate Buddhist teachings in the region and to provide emotional or spiritual help to people of any faith.

Meditation retreats at GLBV are conducted by Bhante Sankichcha and Bhante Kusala who are experienced practitioners and trainers of Theravada meditation practices.