Retreat information and Guidelines

TERMS and CONDITIONS to follow during the retreat:

  • As a participant of the retreat, you agree to observe the following eight precepts “ATTASILA” for five days.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from killing or harming living beings, on purpose.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from taking what is not given.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from all sexual activity.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from telling lies and harsh speech.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from taking drugs and alcohol.
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from eating solid-food after the noon-day meal (only tea, black coffee, honey, ginger drinks are allowed)
    • I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from listening to music, singing, dancing, or beautifying my body with makeup, flowers or perfumes.
    • I undertake the precept to refrain from lying on a high or luxurious sleeping place. (That is to say: I will not sit or lie down on places located higher elevation than those of the noble ones; bhikkhu, bhikkhunī or sāmaṇera, etc.; or in places reserved for these venerable ones.)

If there are any medical conditions that you can’t observe “Eight Precepts”, please inform the Bhantes who will be leading the retreat.

  • It is required to observe Noble Silence (not talking AT ALL) with other retreat participants, except during personal interview with Bhante/s). If the instructions are unclear, please ask only during interviews or after dhamma discussions. Talking disturbs own peaceful mind as well as disturbing others. If you want to pass a message to a Bhante, you may use the sticky notes on the white board that will be on the premises. If there are any urgent needs, please quietly contact volunteer person in-charge.
  • Kindly observe a dress code appropriate for a mindfulness/meditation event. For example, no sleeveless tops, shorts clothing above the knees, sheer leggings or tights clothing of any kind.
  • It is required for everyone to follow ALL SCHEDULES, INSTRUCTIONS, AND METHODS given by Bhantes. During the registration, please inform of any health conditions or the medicines that may cause dullness or sleepiness.
  • It is required to attend all daily interviews with Bhantes and to be ON TIME and only discuss the meditation experiences. Please DO NOT CONSIDER anything other than meditation experiences during your interviews.
  • To respect Bhantes and make it easier for them to help you during the daily interview, you must share what you experience during your meditation. Report honestly about your personal experience. Not at all discuss your experience with the other participants.
  • Formal group sitting will be done at the meditation hall. You are allowed to choose to sit or walk according to your condition. It is recommended to sit for a minimum of 30 min in one sitting.
  • MEALS: All meals during the retreat as of you are observing “Eight precepts” (i.e. breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks; no solid-foods after the noon-meal). The type of food served will be vegetarian. Part of your retreat practice is only taking food as needed and gracefully accept what is served unless the food is inedible.
  • Please do not bring inside of the meditation hall
    • Cell phones, computers or any other electronics (if you have any, please switch off and leave with the volunteer person in-charge)
    • Watch or clock that produces sound.
    • Valuable personal items
  • Please do not perform any rituals during the retreat.
  • It is required to keep all areas clean (including toilets, rooms, dining room, wash rooms and Meditation Hall).
  • Please do not read other books than what you find in your folder.

Personal items to bring:

  • Medications you need during the retreat.
  • Appropriate retreat clothing (white clothes are preferred, if possible).
  • Footwear which is quickly taken off and comfortable to walk in.
  • Recommend to bring a shawl, socks, and an umbrella. The weather in Michigan during this time can be snowy, chilly or rainy.