Ānāpānasati Retreat

January 19th & 20th 2019. Registration closes on January 18th. Please save the dates.

Great Lakes Buddhist Vihāra, 21491, Beech Road, Southfield, MI, 48033. Space is limited to 30-40 individuals and registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

Breakfast and lunch (such as rice, vegetarian curries, and western food) will be provided by the retreat center. Only beverages will be served after 12.00 pm.

Bhante Sankichcha, & Bhante Kusala are Buddhist monks from the Sri Lankan Theravāda tradition. They provide wisdom and training to devoted practitioners while living at the Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara. Please go to the new GLBV website for bios.

Suggested Donations:
Teaching Dhamma is priceless and should be free. But, to help organize the retreat, help the center run smoothly, and to support charity works of Bhantes, we have agreed to set an amount in the form a suggested donation of $50.00 per person (or whatever more one wishes to offer).
Ānāpānasati refers to mindfulness in breathing, this is practiced together with insight (vipassanā).

Please note that this is a totally silent retreat. We expect you to maintain noble silence, and to respect others who are also practicing noble silence during the course of this entire retreat.


Mindful and striving, pure, restrained and righteous, man advances to fame and prosperity.

-Dhammapada 24

Yours in Dhamma,
Great Lakes Buddhist Vihara